Monday, March 9, 2009

Asian Sandwich Deli (Tucson)

My first impression was not to be impressed by such a generic name for a restaurant but then I read some pretty positive reviews on Yelp and had to give it a try. My new favorite sandwich spot in Portland is the Best Baguette Vietnamese sandwich shop so I can make direct comparison.

I took a nice leisurely walk to Asian Sandwich Deli on a sunny day. It is located amongst some other casual spots on Speedway and would be pretty easy to miss. Inside there are some tables at which to eat but I decided to take my food home. I ordered a roasted pork Vietnamese sandwich and was asked if I wanted it spicy. I asked for light hot sauce and with the jalepenos on the side. Both requests were followed perfectly and the heat of the sandwich was exactly as I wanted. My biggest complaint is that the Asian Sandwich Deli web site still lists the price of the sandwich at $2.50 which is a steal (and just a bit lower than the same sandwich in Portland). But when I got there the real price was $3.99 which is still ok but meant the modest sandwich was much less of a good deal.

The meat on the sandwich was additionally disappointing in volume, color and taste. At Best Baguette the meat is a roasted pork red similar to a cha shu pork but at Best Baguette Asian Sandwich Deli it was a light brown. It wasn't very appetizing to look at. But even worse was how little was on the sandwich. The flavor experience was dominated by the flavor of the bread which was pretty neutral and not great. the texture of the bread was also super dry and crumbly. not quite stale but not super good and super fresh like at Best Baguette. The sandwich also had carrots and cucumbers with a healthy amount of cilantro. The sandwich fillings also made the bread a bit soggy

The Asian Sandwich Deli (through the prism of one sandwich) was mediocre. I will probably not try it again and instead seek out another Vietnamese joint and try them.

Map of Asian Sandwich Deli
1710 E Speedway Blvd Tucson, AZ 85719
(520) 326-3354

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